WordPress Dashboard in an Article Explain Full Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard in an Article- WordPress is the best and most popular cms in the world and you can easily create our manager contains using WordPress.  so after installing wordpress you can see a WordPress admin dashboard for the admin panel to manage your website. so in this article, I will tell you Every single menus and their works in detail in this article so stay with us and let’s see the dashboard of WordPress.


I am sharing all the works With the heading of the menu item.  so I will tell you in serial wise. first of all, we are talking about the posts.



 you can write a post and add new post with the post button.  after clicking add new post you can see writing Word pad open up.  you can simply write your blog post and publish your posts. 

In the category section, you can see the posts categories and in the tags section, you can see the post tags.  you can see all posts by clicking all posts section.


You can see all the images and videos here.  also you can edit the videos and post in this section and so you can delete the media files easily.


To create new page you can click on additional pages and you can add content on that page after clicking the pages section. 


In the comment section, you can see what users are commenting on your posts and you can approve or delete in the comments.


In the event section, you can find out the themes and themes of customization sections.  also you can see the widget section in the appearance. You can create menus and delete menus by clicking the menu section. By clicking theme editor you can edit theme codes if you can edit are you need to edit.


 plugins are the most helping item in this WordPress. You can easily do anything with the help of plugins.  you can get different types of plugins like contact 7. With this plugin you can create a contact form easily and that will be a professional contact form.  so you can find out more plugins like this and using the plugins you can easily at and manage your website for blogs.


In this section, you can see how many users are signing up with your site and you can manage them also.


With the help of tools you can import or export files in the wordpress and it’s very easy to backup your files in a primary way.


In this section, you can change your website title and you can set your website name and titles also you can change permalink and website static home pages or blog pages. 



Guys, I have explained the WordPress dashboard and the works of all sections.  I hope you understand the hole dashboard and if you don’t understand anything then you can comment below I will try to answer that and solve that problem. Thank You.

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