WhatsApp Messenger Communicate without any cost

WhatsApp Messenger Communicate without any cost:- Whatsapp is now a very popular messaging platform in the world. All though you can call and voice chat through WhatsApp. This app this very helpful and privacy protected. So anyone can use this app easily to communicate with their friends.

In WhatsApp also Call waiting added as a new feature so that you can receive incoming WhatsApp calls while in another call. A fingerprint unlocking system also added in this application. So now you can lock and unlock using fingerprint.

This is really simple to use and create accounts. Just need your phone number and then you can use this app easily but no spamming allowed in this app. Whatsapp is similar to the messenger app but this is more comfortable because it is only used for messaging.

You have to use your mobile internet to use WhatsApp and you can use it for call and message using the internet. 


Features of Whatsapp Messenger :

  • You can use calls, SMS services, and other voice message services without any cost. No premium membership is available in this app.
  • Share photos and videos without any cost. You just need an internet connection and then you can send a photo, video using WhatsApp.
  • Every kind of calls is free and you can easily call your friends and family using WhatsApp messenger. This is so amazing that you can call free and no charges here. But you need internet connection and data to call and message so data charges are applied in WhatsApp. But it’s very low so dont need to much to communicate with your friends and family.
  • Even if your friend or family in another country then you can call them using data connection without any costs.

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