What is Hosting and How Hosting Works?

What is Hosting and How Hosting WorksIf you want to create a website and don’t know what is requirement then I am here to guide you. first of all, you needed to main name after you got a domain name you need website hosting or server.  it will help you to host your website on that server. all the website text files and images are going to be stored in that server. So, in this case, you have to choose nice web hosting with the best support.  4 different types of hosting are now available in the market. and that is shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, and dedicated hosting. 


 What is Shared hosting

Shared hosting means you can use a shared server and that server is very cheap in price and a lot of users using with you it’s called shared hosting.


 What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting means the whole hosting server is cloud-based.  cloud hosting is now in Trend and every VPS hosting holder is moving in cloud hosting so this is the best choice for every business website. 


 What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress is the world’s largest content management system. WordPress optimized hosting is called WordPress hosting.  so this hosting is only for WordPress. 


Dedicated server

It’s a big hosting and you can get a whole server to host your website but it’s quite expensive and this service is for only the Agencies and big companies so if you are a company holder and you need a lot of services then you can dedicated server.


A hosting is web storage where the website text images and all the files Store.  so hosting is like storage. so without hosting you can’t run a website. so how to get hosting? Don’t worry a lot of hosting providers are available in recent times you can buy hosting from them but always you have to choose the best hosting provider. so so if you choose the best hosting provider then you can get very good support and you can solve any kind of problems of hosting through the hosting support team. So if you don’t know which hosting is best then I am here to help you.  see the best hosting providers list here.



So I hope you understand what is hosting and how everything works and why you need web hosting. 

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