What do you need to create a website? Before Start A Website

What do you need to create a website? Before Start A Website- If you are a student, housewife, employee and want to earn money through online blogging then this article so for you. You can share your experiences and thoughts through blogging  digital marketing. You are opening a lot website in your mobile is your browser and for that, you have to type a URL are web address so all of this is a blog or website. like Google Wikipedia Facebook Amazon BBC News etc are websites. 

Before Start A Website

You can see Three Types of the website in the whole world and that is a blog or a website or blog and website.  website is a simple website and blog is you can update regular posts and news on the site. You can see every blog website has 4 parts and that is the header section, post area,  site ber, and a footer section. 

So, guys, we will learn how to start a blog and how to manage a blog. So you need 3 initial items for starting a blog.  first of all, domain then hosting then you need a platform to create a website.

Domain Hostings

So, first of all, you need a domain name you have to buy a domain name related to your lock and subject so go and get a domain name.  you need to search for this good domain name find. after getting a domain you need a web hosting where you can store your website files and everything in that hosting server. choose the best hosting with great support.  you can purchase a good hosting from Bluehost, Hostgator, the digital ocean, NameCheap. 

Content Management System

After that, you need a content management system or CMS  to create your blog and website. so most popular CMS is WordPress.  it’s easy to use and you can easily manage your content using WordPress.  lot of facilities are available free of cost. and the whole CMS is free e.  you just need a domain and hosting to use this CMS.



So I think you understand how you can create a website using CMS and what is required items are.  so after that, you need to install WordPress to your hosting and can you can design your website easily.

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