How to keep your hair strong all the time

Hair is the thing that improves our personality, especially when it comes to women. That is why we need to keep our hair strong and healthy all the time. Due to the pressure of work, we just forget to take care of our hair properly.

And due to lack of care, our hair becomes thin and that results in breakage and hair fall which we do not want. But now the question is how you can make your hair stronger than ever. Actually, there are some ways by following which you can make your hair stronger. To know those ways, what you need to do is to read the article until the end. Here we go.


Take proper diet

The first thing you need to do when you want to make your hair strong is taking proper diet. The reason is that diet is the thing that will provide your hair with proper nutrition. And that is what your hair needs in order to be strong. One of the major reasons for your weaken hair is lack of proper nutrition. That is why, consult a nutritionist and find out how you can recover your nutrition deficiency. And then follow the diet chart.


Do physical exercise

Many people do not even know about it that doing a regular physical activity can strengthen your hair. And many people find no logic behind it. Let me give you the real explanation. When you will not do physical exercise on a regular basis, you will have a hormonal imbalance. And it is one of the main reasons for your hair fall. So to ensure proper hormonal balance, you need to do exercise on a regular basis.


Use the right shampoo

Not all types, all brands, shampoos are good as well as suitable for you. And when you will use unsuitable shampoo for your hair, it will lead your hair to hair fall or breakage. That is why you need to use the right shampoo that best suit you.


Do not use shampoo and other chemical daily

One most important thing to make your hair stronger is not using the shampoo and other chemicals daily. Maybe you are thinking that using shampoos and other chemical daily will keep your hair clean all the time. Yes, that is true. But the thing is that when you will use it daily, it will not only clean your hair but also it will clean the skin of your head. And when it will do so, it will clean the necessary oils from the skin that your hair needs most in order to be moisturized. so avoid using those daily. You can use it twice a week.


Apply oil

When we are talking about moisture, you should apply oil on a regular basis to ensure moisture. Use different types of natural oil as well as juice such as coconut oil or onion juice. Also, you can apply milk or egg in order to get moisture in your hair.


Do not use any tight band

This is a great reason for hair breakage, hair fall. Also, this weakens the hair. Many women and some men use a tight band. But let me tell you that it is not a good thing, especially if you have weak hair and want to strengthen your hair. You should avoid any kind of tight band.


Try massage

Another good way to strengthen your hair is massaging. How this strengthen your hair? Well, when you will do massage your head, it will increase the oxygen circulation to the head/. Also, it will increase blood circulation as well. This will make your hair strong from the root. If possible, use some natural oil when massaging. This will help for sure.


Protect your hair from heat

Excessive heat makes your hair weaken. That is why you need to keep your hair protected from excessive heat. People from hot weather suffer from this problem because of heat. Excessive sun heat damage the hair. You can wear a scarf to protect your hair from heat. You can also follow the tradition of Arabian ladies who wear hijab. That helps to protect the hair as well as skin from the sun heat.

Also, avoid drying your hair with heat. This will damage the cuticles from where your hair get nutrients and moisture.


Wash your hair with cold water

And lastly, use cold water when washing your hair. Many people do not care about washing their hair. The thing is that washing properly can make your hair healthy and stronger. Rinse your hair with cold water. When you use hot water, it removes all the necessary oils from your cuticles. And without that oils, your hair cannot be stronger for sure. Warm water is not bad though, but make sure it is not that hot and if possible, use cold water.



Hair is the thing that enhances our beauty, makes our personality good. But weak hair cannot do that at all. That is why we need strong hair. Also, weak hair leads to many problems such as breakage, hair fall, and others. And to make our hair strong, we need to follow the steps I have mentioned above. If you follow those steps, hope, you will be able to make your hair stronger than ever. Make your hair healthy and improve your personality and beauty.

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