How to Create a Million Dollar Blog

How to create a million dollar blog- Blogging is now in Trend and you must search every day on Google find out something.  and you got the best ideas on Google. but why are you get the information? you got the information’s in a website or a blog.  and they are making money with that. you can also make money with blogging using what site. 

How to Create a Million Dollar Blog

So after buying into main and hosting now you need to choose a website builder for CMS content management system.  with that, you can manage your content and your website very easily without any coding knowledge. so go to your hosting Cpanel.  and search to create a Softaculas apps installer. You can see a WordPress icon just click on that and on the next page click on install. After filling all the information of your wordpress you just need to click the install button and you can easily install the WordPress after wordpress you can see the WordPress dashboard and you can do everything you need to change so in my next block I will share about the WordPress dashboard.



I hope you are following the series of how to make a website easily and which elements you need.  so I hope you install your life successful and stay with me for the next update.

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